Benefits of liquid limestone
Living in easy elegance

Liquid limestone has become a popular choice for designers and landscape artists. The main reason is because of its beautiful and unique appearance. It is easy to create a natural looking landscape using liquid limestone There are indefinite possibilities of styles and looks you can achieve such as chic, classic, modern, contemporary or rustic.

Distinctive Limestone creates liquid limestone from a mixture of crushed limestone and cement. We simply pour to your designed shape. The limestone can then be handcrafted and textured as required. The combination of stone and cement makes it extremely strong and durable. Being poured as one piece means there are no gaps for weeds to grow through or ants to form anthills.

Best of all, it's basically maintenance-free!


  • more durability and strength compared to conventional paving
  • more beautiful and unique appearance
  • no weeds
  • no ants
  • no moss
  • does not sink or warp like paver
  • maintenance free
  • saves water
  • increases property value
  • stays cool all year long.

The limestone stays neat all year long, something you cannot expect from normal concrete surfaces or brick paving..

Depending on your budget and your imagination, you can achieve the perfect feel and look to complement your property, as well as creating a valuable addition to your home for years to come. We are more than happy to create custom patterns and colours, depending on your needs and preferences.

With a little creativity, liquid limestone can be the best choice you have ever made. You can add the colour of your choice, and it can be scored into a geometric design. (Scoring is the creating of lines in the concrete that can create a pattern.)