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Why you need sealing.

To seal or not to seal?

Prevention is often better than cure. Sealing liquid limestone products is optional (you certainly don't have to do it) but if want your paved area to stay clean and look fantastic for a long time, then sealing is the perfect solution.

We seal all our liquid limestone with Crommelin's Next Day Sealer. It's applied before the liquid limestone is fully cured (21 days). It is recommended that you seal it again with Enhance WB to keep your limestone looking its best. We can supply and apply these sealers, or we can advise you how to do it yourself.

There are several benefits for future sealing:


  • Minimises maintenance
  • Prevents stains from food and drink spillages, BBQs, dirt and fallen leaves, and pet messes. If pavers are sealed these stains will occur on the sealant, not the paver or its pores.
  • Slows the growth and prevent moss or mildew in damp areas.
  • Reduce the rate of colour fade.
  • Initially inhibit weed/insect infestation.
  • Keep your liquid limestone looking great for a longer time!

Whether you seal or not, liquid limestone will keep neat all year long, something you can't expect from normal concrete surfaces or brick paving.